Is Shopify Plus Right For My Business?

Kit is a virtual marketing assistant and Shopify app (recently acquired by Shopify ) that promises freedom from the daily task of marketing your e-commerce business. Shopify represents one of the cheaper ways into selling online, with its starter plan, "Shopify Lite" costing $9 per month and allowing you to sell an unlimited number of goods. Reporting — Get additional analytics for your online business using these apps for measuring conversion rates, customer behavior, and sales data.

The fact that they are UK based is an attractive part of the package as there are no time differences to worry about in regards to customer support. When you choose the ‘Shopify' plan you have three additional features for the monthly fee: gift cards (you can expand your customer base and boost holiday sales with physical or digital gift cards), professional, reports and abandoned cart recovery.

It allows you to build any kind of website, provided that you can handle the slightly technical setup - involving installing the software itself, installing plugins , installing a theme , and then installing an e-commerce plugin to handle the store operations.

It boasts special features that make it more secure, supported, scalable, integrated, and customized for your business. From one platform you can setup an online store, a Facebook Store, Pinterest Buy Now system, and over 50 additional sales channels. It really depends on what features you'd like to use to run your online store.

It's a similar story with file uploads - if you would like to offer your customers the option to upload a file (for example, an image to be used on a t-shirt or mug), you're going to have to get coding or, yes, you guessed it, pay for a relevant app.

Shopify knows that poor customer experiences spread like wildfire and can eventually kill a business especially as a commerce platform. Anybody with the most basic computer and internet skills can create a Shopify store relatively quickly. For a full list of prohibited products via Shopify Payments visit this page and scroll down or search for the heading IP Infringement, regulated or illegal products and services”.

Shopify lets you work well with marketing and gives you essential tools for that, and you are able to create good landing pages with these elements. Once you have an email address, you can further your marketing strategy by sending your customers fresh shopify login content about your store and ultimately building a loyal client base.

You upload product descriptions, price, photos and product descriptions to the Shopify server and it is displayed in your store using the Shopify theme you have selected to use. Not all retailers need or do email marketing, but some love it. It's not a core feature of Shopify - but MailChimp ( an awesome email marketing company ) built an App that integrates MailChimp seamlessly with Shopify.

The goal was simple: provide an easy way to sell products online that frees sellers from all technical hurdles. I know for Shopify they have a lot of different built in tools, and all sorts of powerful add-on's (their apps market) which can power small businesses to very large businesses.

Canadian startup success story Shopify is continuing its market expansion with a new product rollout today: Shopify Plus is making its debut, as a one-stop, white glove e-commerce solution that's designed to be used by large companies and high-volume customers.

Kit has a few suggestions for promoting products, such as running ads for slow moving inventory, boosting sales on new items in the shop, and even advertising offers you create through its integration with Bold (you have to have the pro account to enable this feature).

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